Sure, but both possibilities have been mentioned by the OP. This violation will arise when the model pin is not correctly mapped to a pin of the schematic component. Give meaning to role of the different nets by changing the color of their connection lines. If the component pins are not locked, you can simply double-click on the pin and edit its designator in the associated Pin Properties dialog. In the meantime, feel free to request a free trial by filling out the form below. Location is the X,Y coordinates for the object’s electrical hotspot ObjectType is the object on which the offending object has been placed – either a wire or a bus.

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Assign a unique designator to the offending component as required. A standard parameter non-rule can be modified with respect to any of these attributes directly in the grid. This type of violation typically arises when the wire object for the differential pair net is not making electrical connection with the target pin of the device.

Need Help with Altium Designer : Signal Pin Has No Driver

The Signal Integrity panel is used to configure and control the signal integrity analysis process. Within an individual net, the connection between two nodes is referred to as a From-To.

When you connect two pins with a wire you are drafting your design intentions, not creating an actual net. Conflicting Harness Definition for HarnessType.

E6 Polarity is the polarity of the pin e. Hidden pins can be displayed on altiium schematic sheet by enabling the Show All Pins on Sheet Even if Hidden option in the properties dialog. A common challenge in a large design is keeping the nets manageable. As you move a component around in the workspace, a alitum green or red line will be displayed, traveling from a point within the component, to a location on the board.


Amend the entry as required. NameList is a comma-separated list of all names found associated with the offending net.

Altium connections not showing – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

If the net label is redundant, simply delete it from the design. Violations Associated with Nets. Decide which of the duplicate constraints are redundant to the design and delete them accordingly.

Heat sinks, Part 2: Revealing these pins in the workspace can cause clutter as each pin would need to be wired to the appropriate power port object – preventing the design schematic s from being easily read. But there are a lot more categories than just input and output.

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Ensure that the offending net label object is connected to the required wire or bus object. The GND and 5V nets remain as global power nets. As you click on a termination type, a graphical representation is displayed in the window below. These symbols are purely graphical.

This compiler hint appears when there are multiple Harness Types defined across a Signal Harness. The left-hand side of the panel provides the results from screening analysis of the current design.

This compiler hint appears when there is a mismatch detected between the constraint record declaring a board instance NanoBoard, Daughter Board, Peripheral Board and the constraint record in the board-level constraint file targeting that instance.


Some designers prefer this approach as it results in a cleaner and simpler schematic, as shown in the image below, where the JTAG signal harness does not use a Harness Connector. This compiler hint appears when the Master port of one Interconnect component is linked to the Slave port of another Interconnect component, thereby forming signzl cascade of Interconnect components in the OpenBus System.

This compiler hint appears when two parameters possessing the same name have been assigned to the same design object, but the parameters have differing values. Not only must there be pn identical number of pins between graphical display modes, the pins must be identical in both Designator and Name.

Signals with no Driver

Misconnected differential pair PairName: The process of compiling is integral to producing a valid netlist for a project. The Reanalyze Design button allows you signl perform the screening analysis again for the current design and should be used if you have made any changes to the design documents. Modified by Susan Riege on Aug 24, This compiler hint is related to components and appears when you have specified one or more pins to be hidden and connected to an existing net within the design – typically a power pin connected to VCC or GND for example.