Price might be better, that is not so important. Errrors, sync pulses are not displayed. License The License section contains information on all currently valid licenses. If the real message load while logging exceeds the specified value, the pre-trigger time will be shortened. After confirming you have the system requirements, proceed with either installation option listed below. Vector Informatik GmbH Version.

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The log file can contain measurement values of multiple signals recorded at different time intervals. There are also several settings that can be changed. See below further details about trigger types. Regards Erwan Message d’origine De: I looked at their Memorator some months ago, but it have much less features, only one channel only CAN toono replaceable piggies, and so on.

You can use Access to manage anything from a home inventory to a giant. Style Utilization bold Blocks, cxncase elements, window- and dialog names of the software.

Any logger alternatives to CANcaseXL log?

Vector Informatik GmbH assumes no xo for correct contents or damages which are resulted from the usage of the user manual. Trigger if specified symbolic message is received. Please note that the software synchronization must be disabled see Vector Hardware Config General information Settings Software time synchronization if the hardware synchronization is used.


Stop Blocks the specified message not logged. The easy-to-follow More information. A message from a previous added database can be selected there. We are grateful for references to mistakes or for suggestions for improvement to be able to offer you even more efficient products in the future Support You need support?

File name and canncase code.

First Edition, March www. All other values are displayed with the exponential notation. Grace Booth 3 years ago Views: Device is in Interface Mode without SD card.

Power off the unit. This text box is only active if filter condition is set to ID range.

Vector CANcaseXL log Manuals

If the column width entered here is not enough, the output is not truncated. Therefor the devices require a related license. Sends a specified CAN message when the defined trigger occurs. To compensate these time stamp deviations between the Vector network interfaces, the time stamps can be either synchronized by software sl by hardware see next section. The table below lists canacse hardware supported by the latest release of Vehicle Network Toolbox.

This format can be converted from.


Manual. Vector XL log Config. CANcaseXL log Configuration Version English – PDF

Edit the trigger comment if desired by a double click or alternatively by a right click followed by Edit comment Write the configuration to a connected CANcaseXL log by selecting the desired CANcaseXL log device from the tool bar s combo box followed by the menu Write to device or clicking the SD card button in the most right of the tool bar. It is not allowed to add a J database here.

See chapter Options on page 31 for further information Version 4. The screws should be secure but not excessively tight. In column condition the name of the filter is displayed.

Reproduction in any manner More information. No further mention will be made of the power manager in this document. Action for the filtered message Pass or Stop. Channel to which the trigger is applied to. Price might be better, that is not so important.