You can, however, write transaction processing programs that span multiple schemas in a single database. Whereas inserts, updates, and deletions may be cached before being written to disk, log entries tracking all those changes are never cached but always written to disk. Cloudscape attempts to prevent two instances of Cloudscape from booting the same database by using a file called db. The forward slash is required before toursDB to indicate that it is relative to C: When a database is deployed to a remote or mobile location, it is not possible to use physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data. Indexing on long columns is a bad idea in any case.

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Each of these security features is introduced below. PoolDriver You need to buy the driver on the official i-net web site. If the stored procedure includes any OUT parameters, it needs to be invoked from a client application using the CallableStatement interface.

The engine provides cliudscape and crash recovery, and allows multiple connections and multiple threads to use a connection.

Java, SQL, Cloudscape, and Derby | Dr Dobb’s

Derby includes a Network Server, but you can also run Derby in a server framework of your choice. To back up a database or databases, back up the entire system.

It covers the following topics:. The forward slash is required before toursDB to indicate that it is relative to C: If you want to work with the database manager’s source code, browse to the Apache Software Foundation Derby incubator web site http: Ken is an author, consultant, and industry analyst.


To connect to databases within the current system, just specify the database name on the database connection URL. You can download the driver from the IBM web site. This is useful for improving performance, not for improved recovery. EmbeddedDriver and change other classes from com. We mention features you probably won’t recognize yet, but rest assured that they are described later in this technical article.

The Cloudscape driver class name for the embedded environment is COM. A multithreaded architecture also makes Cloudscape suitable for embedding in web servers and XML servers.


Java, SQL, Cloudscape, and Derby

All threads that access the database do so through the database engine. When a client application needs to store or retrieve data in the database, it submits a request through the JDBC API to the Derby engine either over a network or directly to the embedded engine.

The subprotocol is always cloudscape and does not vary. In an embedded environment, when an application shuts down, it should first shut down Cloudscape. Doing so will help you remember that: This is a separate password from the usual database connection username and password, which must also be supplied to access the database.

For example, when the cloudscape. SQL developers use Data Definition Language commands to create tables, views, triggers, and procedures, and specify keys and indexes. To identify database users and passwords with Cloudscape 10, you can set command-line properties or use a properties file. Derby is also like other relational database systems.


JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

Subsubprotocol is one of the following:. Within Cloudscape, the name of the database is defined by the canonical path of its directory from java. This technical embeddfd uses “Derby” when referring to any feature that is part of the open source database engine, including:. A Cloudscape database is stored in files that live in a directory of the same name as the database. A page is a unit of storage whose size is configurable on a system-wide, database-wide, or conglomerate-specific basis.

You can also access databases from the class path or from a jar file in the class path or not as read-only databases. Recovery ensures that all committed transactions at the time the system failed are applied to the database, and all transactions that were active are rolled back. Because Cloudscape can execute Java stored procedures and user-defined functions embedded in a database, there has been embeddef concern about using SQL injection techniques to execute malicious Java code.