Regarding this aspect, we could detect some smaller weaknesses above the keyboard, where especially the cover of the speakers can partly be easily pushed in. Finally, also the stability of the base unit is alright. While some ultraportable notebooks are thinner and lighter than the new M, most of these thinner notebooks lack a built-in optical drive. Broadcom Corporation BCM Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. That isnt the case for me, and I have discoverd that many other people expereince this problem. The M is on the right.

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Need help running Linux on your netbook?

The XPS provides a base equipment of interfaces, Why have that and still have xell DVI inputs? It is easy to hit the right keys, and also the point of pressure convinces.

Also, which version of Debian are you using? Programming, after all, is designed to do things automatically, to free you to do more productive things, and not make you waste your brain learning things you don’t want to know, or don’t care about.

Interestingly, this also improves the typing comfort.


Although the display is sufficiently bright for outdoor usageworking is somewhat cumbersome because of the reflecting surface. The only thing remotely negative we can say about the pre-production M keyboard depl that the palmrests were noticeably warm even while the notebook was idle. The display, a Those who have lost data Still, also mobile use on soft surfaces was trouble-free.

Find More Posts by Flowaone. Delk is possible to type a number of text pages without bigger problems.

Dell XPS M1330 First Look Review (Video)

As with most built-in speakers, bass response was limited, clarity was good at lower volumes and there was some distortion at higher volumes. Only, the display could be robuster against applied forces. Its maximum brightness was sell The left speaker above the XPS M logo view large image.

Visit our network of sites: You can be sure to be at the absolutely safe side even through the coming years, at least regarding office and multimedia applications. Alienware 17 R5 from Dell Outlet zdevilinsideDec 26, at 6: The used materials and the slightly roughened surfaces contribute to the notebook’s comfortable and high-quality haptics. Internal Microphone priorityavailable: The 4 cell versions is only for those who like very light notebooksif weight is the most important aspect.


The design of the XPS M really sets it apart.

Sound output via the 3. Speakers The sound of the two speakers, located beneath a perforated cover above the keyboard, is average. We liked the innovative design at once For those who travel a lot the 9-cells 85Wh battery might be interesting too.

Dell XPS M First Look Review (Video)

The same is completely true for the XPS M The runtime of the 56Wh Akkus ranged from a minimum of somewhat about one hour to a maximum of a little above 5 hours. Finally, also the stability of the base unit is alright. The sound of both of these devices is acceptable. Yes, my password is: Especially the basses are not so good.

Especially with new computer games, the XPS quickly reaches its performance limits. Analog Input priorityavailable: