The rest of the uniformity issues darker corners and brighter top edge are almost all located on the edge of the panel itself, and thus dirty screen effect is not a problem here. The color temperature is much closer to our desired K, and both the color dE and the white balance dE are well under what anybody, even professional could notice. When looking at a monitor when standing up. The luminance settings, often named ‘Brightness’ on monitors, usually range from 0 to Digital Optical Audio Out:

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Dark scenes viewed in a dark room.

Dell U2715H

A better user experience. Almost every usage, but is most noticeable in gaming where constant fluctuation in framerate cause distracting artifacts.

Mostly for gaming, but does provide a h2715h better motion during normal usage. Measured with local dimming and with SDR content. Learn more about how we work. IR after 10 min recovery. HDR content and media creation. View all monitor articles. This isn’t that bad though, as many people find 60Hz flicker distracting.


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Blacks lack uniformity with de,l visible backlight bleed Mediocre contrast. The stand of the Dell Ultrasharp UH is very similar to other Dell monitors, with a small rectangular footprint. How much of the DCI-P3 colorspace a monitor can display at different dfll levels, normalized to the monitor’s peak brightness output.

Black Level from Right. It only sees issues in darker tones due to its relatively low contrast ratio. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this monitor again.

General usage, but better results are most important for gaming. It’s certainly a very good all-round IPS model again and is ddell to be very popular. Excellent SDR color volume. It has higher resolution and can display more details regardless of the smaller screen size. Additionally what I print is what I see on the screen: Lowest input lag possible at the center of the screen, when the monitor is displaying an HDR signal at its native resolution and refresh rate.

No cherry-picked units sent by brands.

Colors and brightness are retained relatively well at an angle. Immediate response that I had not properly ejected those discs. Effectiveness of fell local dimming.


The Dell has a DisplayPort Out port, which makes it very easy to chain multiple monitors together if your computer supports it. Any time the VRR feature is enabled. Those are limited to 8-bit color. The lowest frequency covered by the monitor’s Variable Refresh Rate feature. No Longer Available Update Location close. The backlight is dimmed without using any PWM flickering, which is great and produces smooth motion. Different technologies have different viewing angle properties.

The Dell UW is a larger screen with a widescreen aspect ratio and higher native resolution, so it is easier to k2715h. It has a lower input lag that allows it to react faster to your inputs making a better choice for gamers. Color accuracy when viewed from the top or bottom. The U is brighter, has wider viewing angles, and slightly better black u27715h, making it a more versatile monitor than the UD.