Please make sure that the user credentials are correct. Could not send message to host: Skipping Incremental Backup on this client. Initial file transfer successful, src: Check user has required permissions. Failed to get the Expiry Date information of the evaluation installations from the CommServe database.

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Please check that all services are running, that there is sufficient memory and that there is not a network problem. Free up unused disk space or add disk storage.

Comments for event ID currently in the processing queue.

Some snap jobs are not picked for backup copy as they are non-full and corresponding full job of the cycle is not available for backup copy. The socket connect failed. Please reset this drive manually when the communication issues between this MediaAgent and drive are resolved.

For more information about message throttling options in Exchange Serversee Managing Message Throttling.

MyIoctl returned 0 bytes waiting. Please check the network connectivity from this MediaAgent to the CommServe and make sure services are running on the CommServe.


Please check that the services are running on the remote machine. Stote that the performance counter list contains expected values. Please check whether the devices have been configured properly. Shared memory and or semaphores have not been adequately set up as per the operational guidelines on the client machine. Low disk space on the client side disk cache used by Client Side DeDuplication.

Msexchangge detect devices on the new MediaAgent to update the device information and reselect the Copy Manager for the Drive Pool. Try to decrease it by shifting resources to a faster disk.

Tag: Event 1017

A VM with same name already exists. Cannot seal the store because DDB move partition job is running on this store. With admin command prompt go to installed location “cd “C: The DLL name is found in the event message details.

Given criteria is not supported for this alert Type. For more information, see Knowledge Base articles Q and Q Consider making other changes in the Exchange environment that could decrease the load on your servers. Multiple CCM merge execution is not allowed.

Credentials for SQL integrity check disabled for subclient: The unconfigured physical disks are not all the same size. Failed to convert evaluation licenses to permanent. This error code indicates that a RemoteApp program published by using RemoteApp and Desktop Connection contains special characters. Could not Start Path, Repset: Pruning will be skipped for this mount path.


User Action To resolve this warning, make sure that the server is not msexchwnge. The errors that forced this action have been written to the application event log. Network connectivity between machines.

Event ID – 1017

Exchange ActiveSync only supports Mailbox servers that are running Exchange or later. Archive index failed on MediaAgent – unable to modify index after backup. Msexchaange change the mode or configure the disk group manually. The mount path will be created under the root directory. December 6, Applies To: