This isn’t finished, but it’s a starting point to anyone who were looking for this. I wondered with what version of SDCC you all are working with? The Cy7ca chip handles some basic USB commands for you. It is Open Source and runs on Linux and Windows. One suitable loader is available from Cypress. Like using ctl0 for busy or something? We used proprietary programs which only worked on Windows, so I looked for a way to do the same but on any operating system, and with free as in freedom and gratis programs, so that anyone could study them.

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You just need to download the bulkloop example source and grab it from there. After a lot of work, I ported all the C and ASM code of this library to a format which sdcc could understand. Maybe a sample fd2 line, too? I know Keil has a debugging program, do we have something like that for the FX2 and Linux?

Comment on Nov 12th, at 2: I coded up an enum in my library that has the endpoint values: Find More Posts by cnxsoft. Instead of fixing the 3. Comment on Dec 5th, at 2: I am connected as 8 bits to an imager with two control signals coming from the imager frame valid and line valid.


It did that by writing a program using libusb API. But as I include the gpif.

A few open source tips for the Cypress FX2LP (EZ-USB Cy7cA) | All My Brain

Then, my goal is linxu fix the 13 files delay. I have changed the return type to BYTEchanging the headers at i2c.

They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your pinux. The sdcc docs are kind of general since it supports multiple targets.

I started by rewriting a few of the examples and libraries for testing.

Ez Usb –

Find More Posts by corp You can install it from their sources or from a package provided by your Linux distribution. I have renamed them all to lowercase; for instance ezregs. Finally, test writing to eeprom. Comment on Oct 29th, at 1: The main component at the board is the microcontroller ANQC, from the company Cypress which bought Anchor Chips, the original producer.

Comment on Dec 5th, at 5: Does anyone have any examples of code for the Ez-jsb, or any suggestions on how to debug it?


EZ-USB board on Linux

These files, and others found at the directory include of the program, also need modification to be able to compile without problems. This software is still usable on 2.

Find More Posts by timetraveler View Blog. I haven’t exhaustively studied them as they only run on Windows, but what I have tried is to find a way to do the same, but using only crossplattform, no cost, and hopefully free software which we can study. To compile projects which have several files, oinux each one individually with flag -c and then link them together, putting the main. Comment on Oct 30th, at 3: So, any comments on that?

I recommend to study the source code of the free software projects like sdcc ; it’s a wonderful way of learning which it’s worth profiting.

Keil compiler and the loader from Cypress. I built SDCC from a source snapshot.