The fourth parameter is the selection mechanism, which describes the algorithm used to select individuals from the current population for reproduction. Such an approach is particularly useful to reduce the negative effects of infeasible targets for the search. Threats to external validity come from the fact that, due to the very large number of experiments, we only used 20 classes as case study, which still took weeks even when using a computer cluster. We omit the length of the string n, but it will be clear from the context. On the other hand, a search could then be left running overnight, and results collected the morning after.

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Thanks are also due to our sponsors. But in some cases these mutations are not random. Mutation-driven Generation of Unit Tests and Oracles.


Each goal contributes to a different degree to the meaning of the situation. The higher the variance in these executions, the more to learn from. Among the most cited works, software testing is the predominant area.

Which selection mechanism to use? In a way, this cycle is an instance of the scientific method 1 where we search for a theory that explains some aspect of the universe. In fact, the design should be simultaneously updated to accommodate new requirements. Over the last ten years, both theory and practice has moved away from the idea abp genetic algorithms work largely by hyperplane sampling. With every iteration, we learn more and more about our system, systematically exploring program behavior by a series gps2 targeted analyses—or, in the case of dynamic analysis, simple executions.


Given b the number of covered branches in a run for a class c, we used the following normalization to define a relative coverage r: In addition, this category also examines the core journals of the field, i. For example, the choice of a large population size agl more emphasis on the exploration of the search landscape, which could lead to a better escape from local optima.

It should be highlighted that the law is only an estimate and its accuracy may depend on the scientific field under analysis and the considered time span. It covers all abstraction layers, from the GUI t33 to the bare circuits.

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How this combination is best used to guide the search firs an open question. The reason is that the testing targets have different difficulty to be covered. To reduce the probability of having faults in our experiment framework, it has been carefully tested. We can also again be greedy, and only pick the best solution for each subgraph. Springer, Heidelberg 9.

This means that parameter settings that should work well on average can be particularly inefficient on new instances compared to the best tuning for those instances. However, in recent years, researchers have been interested in the applications of landscape theory to improve the search algorithms [5].

Recall that it is not possible to stop the search before because, apart from trivial cases, there are always infeasible testing targets e.


Toward a theory of landscapes.

Also ina special issue of the Information and Software Technology journal was devoted to the application of search methods in software engineering. In the experiments presented in this paper, we investigated five parameters of the search, which are glz2 specific to this application domain. Cumulative evolution of number of authors, between and 26 F. We chose the scenario of test data generation at unit test level because it is one of the most studied problems in SBSE [1].

Search Based Software Engineering – SSBSE 2011

To validate ag a search based tool can be effective in practice once delivered to software engineers that will use it on their problem instances, it is important to use machine learning techniques [7] to achieve sound scientific conclusions.

In this case, the data shows how many journals have published each number of papers.

The field has even matured to a stage where industrial applications have started to appear [3,4]. Table 1 indicates that the cumulative number of publications in was equivalent to We want to retain the exponential leverage from this decomposition: This complexity is lower than the O nn complexity of the algorithm proposed in [10].