Furthermore, the notification message can indicate to the notified party an option that can be selected by the notified party to connect with and communicate with the driver of a vehicle or a party at the BSCU 40 or another location, in order to enable the notified party to discuss the content of the work order. Tell us some more! However, this is not a necessary feature, and any type of sensor 18 that may be used for determining the MT’s position along the route of travel is sufficient. In this regard, location values representing a predetermined point along the route of travel and one-eighth of a mile from the starting point can be stored in the MT manager Another way to reduce the number of transmissions of status messages at desired times is to selectively increase the predefined amount that the MT 17 should be off schedule before a status message is transmitted to the base station control manager

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The monitoring mechanism 69 is designed to store this preference information in the database 94 and designed to relate it to the selected MTCU In this regard, the MT manager 29 preferably subtracts the location values in the corresponding entry from the current location values of the MT 17 as determined by the sensor 18 to produce a deviation indicator.

It should be noted that the foregoing feature is optional. As an example, the MT manager 29 may be magnetically stored and transported on a conventional portable computer diskette.

By refraining from transmitting any data from the MT manager 29 to the BS manager 41 when the MT 17 is on schedule, the amount of data transmitted through the cellular network 48 is reduced, thereby reducing the communications cost associated with the notification system Answer questions, earn points and help others Answer questions. In other words, a relational database uses matching values in two tables to relate information in one to information in the other.

Driver fuing be install. However, if the difference between the location values of the current location of the MT 17 and the bus stop is less than the threshold value, then a notification message is transmitted to the user via communications devices 72 and 73unless a similar notification message i. Furthermore, like reference numerals designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.


I am connecting internet through this sim in my computer. The leak signal is monitored twice at 1-second intervals.

Does anyone have the drivers for pcc-101 chinese webcam with 6 led?

You can’t post conmments that contain an email address. The request for data includes the fujin identification number used to identify the MTCU 15as well as any other information needed by the monitoring mechanism 69 to provide the desired information.

In another embodiment, when the PCD 75 is a computer, one or more keys on the keyboard, a mouse click on a button provided in a screen image, etc.

The MT communications devices 52 are configured to communicate with the monitoring mechanism 69 through any suitable technique, such as time division multiplexing, for example. So all the comments in the form are transferred to the comment box below by me on their names. In this regard, the monitoring mechanism 69 is designed to determine fjing location of the MTCU 15 from the travel data stored in MT travel data table 68 e of database In this regard, the MT manager 29 determines whether the MT 17 is early or late and how far the MT 17 is off schedule e.

Also, fujig telephone is equipped with a transmitter 73 for communicating the dual frequency tones. Consequently, the message manager 82 is able to include this travel data with the message sent to the user. In determining the current location of the MT 17the BS manager 41 assumes that the MT 17 is on fujimg unless a recent status message has been received. Since a communications line between the user and message manager 82 is already established in order for the user to gujing the request for travel data, the message manager 82 preferably transmits the data to the user over the established communication 310d.


The Asia site is https: This predetermined value corresponds to the distance that the MTCU 15 should be from the destination before a notification is sent to the user. After calculating the distance and, if requested, the time the MTCU 15 is from the destination, the monitoring mechanism 69 is configured to transmit the calculated values to the message manager For example, communications device 52 can be configured as a cellular modem capable of communicating signals directly with cellular network The information received by the communications devices 72 can be transmitted to message manager 82 FIG.

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Any time value that indicates when the MT 17 is expected to reach the associated location is sufficient. In order to communicate this data, the message manager 82 retrieves the user contact information from the user data table 68 b. Alternatively, the monitoring mechanism 69 can be configured to periodically poll each entry in the MT data table 68 a and to compare the travel data corresponding to each entry with the corresponding preference data in user data table 68 b to determine which users should receive a notification.

In response, the user specifies, through any known suitable communications technique, which MTCU 15 the user wishes the notification system 10 to monitor and how the user wishes to be notified of an impending arrival of the selected MTCU 15 at the selected destination.

When the leak condition is detected twice continuously, this SC is displayed.

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A nonvolatile disk storage mechanism 37 a can be connected to the local interface 33 a to transfer data to and from a nonvolatile disk e. As mentioned, PCD 75 can fujnig a computer capable of displaying the notification through e-mail or some other communications software.

The monitoring mechanism 69 of FIGS.