GSM — Sweden – Europolitan: Read command gives the default adjustment for all outgoing calls given in , and also triggers an interrogation of the provision status of the CLIRservice given in. Page 65 If the dial string is omitted, and the semicolon included, the commandinstructs the ME to do a network detect. A single character shall be sufficient to abort thecommand in progress; however, characters transmitted during the first milliseconds after transmission of the termination character are ignored. Page Returns messages with status value frompreferred message storage to the TE.

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No functionality Description2Wait two seconds before tm29 dialing. The term enclosed in angle brackets is a syntacticalelement. Page 01Mobile originated messages supported Description0Broadcast messages not supported1Broadcast messages supported Description This isrecommended to be returned only when the lastexecuted command resulted in PIN2 authenticationfailure i.

Introduction to AT Commands1. The table below shows the antenna electrical characteristics: Default value1Enable network registration unsolicited result code Description0Not registered, ME is not currently searching for a newoperator to register with1Registered, home network2Not registered, but ME is currently searching for a newoperator to register with3Registration denied4Unknown5Registered, roaming Referencevalue is returned to the TE on successful message delivery.


These states are described in mdem table. Test command returns lists of memory storage supported by the TA. EN EMC: Additional commands may follow an extended syntax command moddem the samecommand line if a semicolon ; IRA 3B is inserted after the preceedingextended command as a separator.

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Text shall not contain the sequence 0 or OK 3. DescriptionInteger typeThe identifier is a single byte between 1 and Page s default timer Description Televisions Ym29 Entertainment Accessories Cameras. Page 19 GSM network for example, traffic reports. The above dates are NOT negotiable.

The first cell is theserving cell andthe rest areneighbour cells asprovided by thenetwork in thesystem info. Maximum of 20 characters Description1Verification code first.

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They are intendedto be used by manufacturers, system integrators, applications developers anddevelopers of wireless communications equipment. A range of type approved and modek accessories for the GM29 are available through Sony Ericsson’s distribution channels.

Any product discrepancies must be notified to Graysonline within 5 days of receipt of delivery, no responsibility will be taken by Graysonline past this point Batteries are regarded as consumable items. Values can be used to identify message uponunsolicited delivery status report result code. Itidentifies the selected within the items listUnsolicited Result Codes: Moedm interaction of these, with other commands based on other GSMsupplementary services, is described in the GSM standard.


User requests backward move: Page integer typeValue indicating the maximum length of field The maximum length is fixed. Command is ignored, and is implemented for compatibility only. The unsolicited result codes defined in sections below can be received.

GST is included in the hm29 bid price of this item.

Page 80 1Request for report on inserted PIN code is activated on 3. The GM29 is controlled and gmm29 by means of AT commands. Consider hardware configuration switches or nonvolatile parameter storage if implemented when using this command. This informsthe external application that the ME has sent an SS string to the network,and provides the current status after this operation.

DescriptionInteger format GSM