We also need a client to view the guest. This assumes you’ve already installed a guest with virt-manager or virt-install and it’s shut off. You’ll see a normal SDL window pop up, and if you poke inside the guest you’ll find that X is using the qxl device to display:. WHats your pveversion -v output and the VM configuration? Next we need to change the display from VNC to Spice.

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– spice-guest-toolsexe does not install the QXL driver on Vista

Latest virtio-win x86 floppy. This example is based on qemu-kvm 0. Windows QXL driver is not needed if you are using the Windows guest tools installer above. You need to use a virt-viewer on a Linux Desktop. The recommended client application is virt-viewer.

But you get the display working under the Linux distros? Now you can login to the guest, and you’ll still see the qxl display device. Older releases Older source releases can be found here.


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Installation and configuration ‘ started by kbaileySep 7, Click on Video, and in the Model pulldown, choose, qxl. The important file is virtio-win.

Do you already have an account? This repo is enabled by default. You still need to be sure that the guest has spice-vdagent installed and running.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Older source releases can be found here. Fedora virtio-win build scripts: Xspice – an X and Spice server.

Installing Windows 10 on KVM (with Fedora Core)

Fedora VirtIO Drivers vs. All linux distributions released after have the necessary qxl driver included as a part of the Xorg package.

This seems to qcl an historical oversight and should probably be fixed. By adding -vga qxl: In addition, you’ll see the virtio-serial port:. We need to enable the spice server in qemu-kvm. Ok I tinkered and researched a bit, can you test the following: KVM windows guest drivers upstream code: Python and Vala bindings are available too. The virtio-win version The host distro The qemu version If using libvirt: Guest-side daemon which captures the guest video output, encodes it to a video stream and forwards the resulting stream to the host install be sent through SPICE.


Direct downloads Direct downloads are available for the. You need to configure your browser to always open this configuration file and associate it with remote-viewer.

Old versions of spice-gtk can be found here. We also need a client to view the guest. It should be available as a package instsll your favourite Linux distribution, which is the preferred way of getting it. Spice WebDAV daemon https: Screenshot of windows 10 installer browsing for Virtio driver.