Connect the power cord into a properly power outlet that is easily accessible and close to the monitor. When shipping the unit to another location, repack it in its original material. Have you installed the monitor driver? This is due to a small amount of foreign or abnormally florescent material that became fastened on the mask during manufacturing. Hands must be Do not It dry when holding the damage the can cause Make may result in fire sure to or power cord by electric shock.

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Do you see black dots on the screen? Do not use this monitor sink, laundry tub, in near water such basement, as near a place bathtub, washbowl, kitchen swimming pool. To Prevent Gl or Hazards: Select the TEMP screen color. See the ‘Specifications’ section of this manual and configure your monitor again. This item allows you to reduce the degree of moire.

ITsvet | LG FP Monitor

A premature aging of the monitor pixels may cause the prolonged display of a single image on the screen. Keep children from dropping or pushing objects into the monitor’s cabinet openings. Is the power indicator amber?


Insecure connections heating can cause fire. Call your service or plug. Unlike the rough surface of a matte screen a glossy screen has a smooth outer polarising layer.

To access a becomes control, use pg, Use the the Buttons. Check and see if the power cord is connected properly to the power outlet.

LG Flatron F920P – monitors specifications.

Some internal parts carry hazardous voltages. Keep it in an accessible place for future however reference.

These USB connectors such are not designed for use with video camera, scanner, etc. Connect the signal cable. Please wipe off any fingerprints or other marks from the monitor screen with a clean and slightly damp soft-fine-fiber cloth moistened with distilled water do not use a wet or coarse Fully cloth.

A12 Troubleshooting The screen color is not normal. Do you see the wave directly on the screen? When connecting the USB cable, check that the side matches the shape at the connecting side. On Use Safety power cord supplied with the unit. OSD Menus are available in 11 languages: As the frequency of the receiver is changed to scan sweep a desired frequency band, a display indicates the power of the signals received at each frequency.


Horizontal 9f20p To A8 move image left and right. Although it isn’t necessary to explore the intricacies of these coating processes we will consider the desirable end-result of this processing. Have you installed the monitor driver?

Focus adjustment for LG Flatron FP – – An Overclocking Community

Parallelogram correctly adjust the To skew of the image. This is due to a small amount of foreign or abnormally 9f20p material that became fastened on the mask during manufacturing. Adjust the brightness and the contrast. Do you have any Remove magnetic sources, such as power adapters, speakers, or high-voltage lines, away from magnetic material such as adapter, or highvoltage line near to your the monitor. I see waves on the screen.

Focus adjustment for LG Flatron F920P

Is the power on and the power pg green? I see an after-image Do you see the after-image even when you turn off the monitor?

This will give you greater flexibility in setting up your system.