Brightness – Adjusts the amount of white in the image. The standard frame rate for NTSC video is Once the channel has been set as parental control, the icon will appear. All the drives are developed in 2. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

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MSI MEGA TV Tuner Card MS-8606 – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI

Drag here High Vidfo You can click the button the mute signal to mute. Contrast – Adjusts the gradation of tone between the image highlights, mid-tones, and shadows. These channels will be marked with a By default, every available channel will be set as a favorite and marked with the icon. Timeshifting and Playback mode differ, in that Timeshifting allows you to pause and replay live TV then resume watching it after a delay or return to real time.

Click to replay a preset amount of time. FM radio band – Calture can only click the icon on taskbar to active it as partial windows mode.

Click to stop recording. Click the Properties button to open the Properties dialog box. Note that this is different from the display aspect ratio setting in the Display tab of the Properties dialog box. You can also jump directly to the channel number you wish to watch by using your numeric keypad. Teletext also broadcasts subtitles better known in the United States as ‘closed captions’ on certain programmes, and news flashes which are overlaid on top of the TV picture.


We didn’t find a driver for this device. Click the section of frequency value and input a frequency value in the pop-up window. It’s worth a thousand words. Click on the display area of the control panel to mute or restore sound.

Cxpture other contents are most likely unused but I did take stuff out to verify it was all correct etc. It is in Good Used Condition and worked perfectly when last used.

Download msi [email protected] ver – Fixya

Check the porper radio box to correct the problem. Nvidia GeForce FX MSI doesn’t have a lot of motivation to upgrade their software to Vista compatibility because most of their users are still on XP. If you are unable to receive some stations in your area, there might be the inporper setting in this option.

Circuit board is produced in black color and perfectly harmonizes with other elements: To rename a recorded program, highlight the file name on the program list and click Rename. Click the button anytime to stop.


MSI 8606 Video Capture, list of drivers

Gigabyte Cwpture falls under this category of motherboards and is a perfect alternative for customers with specific requirements and average wages. In the Comments tab, enter the description for the new profile 3.

There are two ways to enable or disable channels from the favorites list. There are 4 values in each drop-down list box: Please click the setting to solve the problems.

Download drivers for MSI Video Capture

Type a new name in the text box. You can decide whether to use the Timeshifing feature within a limited buffer time frame, or record a show without any time limits.

After you are finished scanning for available channels, you may select OK to return to the display window, or customize the channel list according to your preferences. Channels, where valid content could not be detected, are disabled and icon. Keep this equipment away from humidity. Click to instantly jump back to Live mode.