With respect to acoustics the CXMX disappoints in every respect. The signal level from this output is not very strong. The MSI GE72 6QD Apache Pro provides respectable midrange gaming performance without breaking the bank, but there are better values out there if you’re not going for a high-end system. It provides 65 Watts, and appears to be over-exerted at full load: For those that write a lot it is however not suitable. Warranty Contrary to other affordable notebooks by different manufacturers review HP , 12 month return repair service , MSI provides a 24 months collect and return warranty.

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The latter of these is however DirectX capable.

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Both are equipped with the significantly better HD graphics card. Both of the RAM modules are now easy to reach. The infrared thermometer determined a maximum temperature of This value describes the data volume that can be retrieved out of the cache of the HDD within one second. The hinges sit firmly in the case.

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When the ATI HD v is used as standard and the notebook power adapter is plugged in, the minimum idle energy consumption already lies at 26 Watts. The signal level from this output is not very strong. HP Envy 14 N. The statement by the manufacturer, that chiclet keys improve the typing accuracy, cannot be confirmed by us.


Review MSI CX620MX Notebook

The dark areas are not pitch black, as they should be on a good TFT. The Core iM 2. A Wifeless movie can be watched for up to minutes 2: The maximum opening angle is a gigantic degrees. The purpose of the integrated energy saving graphics card is an extension of the battery life, by reducing the energy consumption. The keyboard does however bend in marginally, and this also applies to the large area of the base plate.

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Crysis – CPU Benchmark The maximum energy consumption was measured by us using a stresstest Prime95 and Furmark. The last of these is also combined with an eSATA port.

When it comes to the color spacethe Samsung panel doesn’t have any real advantages to offer, although it could be worse. When it comes to demanding games such as Risen or StarCraft 2, the detail level has to be set to low however. Those that leave their notebook parked on the desktop for the majority of the time, and use an external display, as well as connecting an external hard drive via eSATA, will be pleased by the clear desk surfaces.

Realistically users will however have to expect an energy consumption of between 26 and 30 Watts during office use. The newest sister model iM Arrandale refresh is substantially faster with 2.


What is missing is clarity and balance. Large headphones with a relatively high impedance will not be pushed to their limits. Front – indirect sunlight. Those that do not disable the dedicated ATI GPU when the notebook is battery powered, by using the hardware buttons or the graphics settings, will get less than an hour shorter DVD viewing time 84 minutes.

Please share our article, every link counts! The Western Digital hard drive sits directly between the other components.

Hybrid-graphics without energy saving advantages? Here’s what you need to know to achieve the perfect balance of price and features in a budget laptop. The processor-test Cinebench R The CXMX has, within limits, only few advantages.

Most DirectX 9 games at least let themselves be played smoothly with the HD v with a resolution of x pixels and higher detail levels e. The measured black level value lies at 1.

The surface of the lid reacts to pressure and bending easily.